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As a parent, you play an important role in your child’s education, starting as your baby’s first teacher.  Remaining involved with your child’s schooling and working together with teachers and administrators as your child goes from kindergarten through high school will make a big difference in your child’s success in school.

By being fully informed about your child’s education, you are best able to decide the level and type of involvement you wish to pursue.

Parents can be better prepared to help their children when they have:

  • strong parenting, communication and academic skills;

  • a positive relationship with teachers and school administrators;

  • information about ways to get involved with school;

  • an understanding of Vermont’s school accountability system and related opportunities for school choice and supplemental services; and

  • an understanding of their rights under No Child Left Behind.
Families Studying Together

PIRC Vermont can answer your questions, provide support services, and help you solve school-related problems.  This is what we offer you: 

  • A toll free “Help Line” – 1-800-639-7170 - with direct advice, information sharing, and referral as needed; 

  • A statewide network of Parent Child Center programs for at risk families around parenting, advocacy, education and literacy;

  • Presentations and workshops.

PIRC Vermont
Vermont Parent Information Center


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